A bride and her bridesmaids throw the bouquets in the air as they walk in a line. The bouquets are all different shades of pinks and oranges and her bridesmaids wore pink and orange dresses that were all different styles and had their own pink bouquets.

Mastering Group Shots: The Key to Timeless Wedding Photos.

Mastering Group Shots: The Key to Timeless Family Photos at Your Wedding.

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In my latest video, I delve deep into each of these points, providing visual examples and additional insights to help you get timeless wedding group photos. These tips are designed for anyone that’s in the thick of planning their wedding and need some good old fashion wedding tips, with these 5 tips you’ll be able to create authentic and memorable images that will be timeless but also stay stress-free on the day.

What about when it comes to capturing the timeless wedding group photos?

There are a few essential strategies to keep in mind. As a more non traditional wedding photographer with years of experience, I’ve learned that these moments are more than just pictures – they’re photos that you don’t want to miss out on because all these people may never be in the same place again. In this extended blog version, I’m some psyched to share my top tips for creating stunning, frame-worthy wedding group photos that will make you want to buy a bigger fridge to put them on.

Prioritise Grandparents and Kids:

When planning your wedding group shots, consider the needs of your grandparents and the attention span of kids. It’s often best to photograph grandparents and kids first, as grandparents can tire easily, and young children may become bored waiting for their turn. By doing this, you can ensure that everyone remains comfortable and engaged throughout the photo session.

Keep the Numbers Small and Intimate:

While it might be tempting to include every wedding guest in your group shots, keeping the number of groups small is often the key to capturing genuine moments of connection. Consider including your “ride or die” crew – the closest 5 or 6 groups who have been with you through thick and thin…but don’t make it 30 of them.

Embrace Simplicity:

When it comes to posing for group shots, simplicity is the key. Rather than taking endless individual photos with each person, consider grouping people together in a single photo, assuming these people get along. This is gonna save you a tonne of time so you can get back to sipping that first glass of just married champagne.

Get a Runner:

To make sure that these group photos are running smoothly you’re gonna have to rope someone who knows your family and can gather everyone efficiently, this might be a best man, maid of honour or your sibling from each side of the family. These individuals should be capable of rounding up family members, without getting distracted during the process.

Don’t Feel Like You Have to:

Ultimately, remember that you don’t actually have to have group shots if they don’t align with your vision for the day. While these photos can be an awesome way to capture the love and support of your family and friends, it’s important to prioritise what feels authentic and meaningful to you. If guests really want them they can do them on their phones instead of making it a whole photoshoot about it.

So, whether you’re in the midst of the chaos that is wedding planning or simply dreaming of your perfect alternative wedding day, I hope you dug this extended blog version of my video and discover how to make your wedding a truly YOUR VIBE. So send this blog to a friend who’s tying the knot, and check out some more of my helpful as fuck wedding tips.

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