A bride and groom stand back to back under the lanterns at Left Bank in Leeds.

It was all about the D-I-S-C-O for this stylish wedding at Left Bank Leeds.

Where’s the best alternative wedding venue in Leeds? 

The city of Leeds is packed full of banging, alternative wedding spaces, but today I want to talk about an absolute GEM of a venue. Left Bank Leeds has become one of my favourite northern wedding venues – it is a progressive space for creativity, culture and community, set inside a beautiful Grade II listed former church, full of beautiful original features including stained glass windows, exposed brick walls and a super high dramatic ceiling. 

As I pride myself on being an expert alternative wedding photographer, I feel like I know my sh*t and where is the best places to go, but this space has blown me away – LOVE IT! It is a completely blank canvas for couples to play with and really make their own!

Rhiannon and Fred are a couple who like to do things a bit differently (my kind of folk!) and when I rocked up to their Alternative Wedding at Left Bank, I could see straight away why they chose this venue. Their styling was awesome – a hint of DIY mixed in with some of their personal favourites, like disco balls in the bouquet and a custom banner that really gave it an absolute vibe.

Once upon a time in a city called Leeds…

The day started with Fred and his mates catching a morning beer before the ceremony at their local micro-brewery. Personally, I couldn’t think of a better way to calm the pre-wedding nerves than a cold one with your ‘ride or dies’! 

Rhiannon and her bridesmaids were getting ready in the centre of Leeds at the glorious DoubleTree by Hilton and it was nothing but good vibes from the start. After a few emotional tears (as these emotions just couldn’t be held back) the tunes were pumping and the bridesmaids were PARTYING. KH Make Up Artistry was working her magic and damn did it work GOOD! Rhiannon looked epic, with natural glowing make up, a 70’s inspired flowing dress from ASOS and an explosion of colour and textures in her bouquet from the Hyde Park Flower Club. It was a perfect bridal look for a colourful wedding in a cool, alternative venue like Left Bank Leeds. With a last check for tears, we were on our way!

I could feel it already – this was set to be an EPIC day!

The Most Stylish Untraditional DIY Wedding in Left Bank Leeds

After ubering with the girls and getting to the Left Bank, I saw the spectacle that it was! The peaches and oranges in Rhiannon’s bouquet perfectly matched the pampas arrangements around the alter. Rhiannon’s gold necklace and sun tiara complimented Fred’s rustic orange suit exquisitely (when you want to go alternative – YOU GO ALTERNATIVE) really tying all the little details together. 

Rhiannon and her father practically flew down the aisle, with the biggest grin on her face and the spangliest of gold Esska Shoes on her feet. She didn’t have to go too far before finding Fred waiting for her, with equally as big a grin (though, unfortunately, he didn’t get the memo on the gold shoes!). The large stained-glass window above the alter perfectly showed off their colourful vibes and their glowing smiles.

The ceremony was celebrant led, with the incredible Natalie (and her even more incredible sparkly dress!). She started off with sharing some of the wonderfully personal stories and titbits of how Rhiannon and Fred met (which bought a tear to even my bearded, manly eye!) and really portrayed how Rhiannon and Fred were perfect each other in every way. 

Personally, I would recommend a celebrant anytime over a registrar as they are so much more personal and, as they always say, the ceremony doesn’t have to be the boring bit! 

After some readings from Peter Gabriel’s ‘The Book of Love’, and even more emotional moments, Rhiannon and Fred ended with a hand fasting ceremony, which for those not in the know is a symbolic act where the hands of the happy couple are bound together with ribbon – this is an ancient Celtic ritual to symbolise the binding of two lives. I don’t think any two lives could be bound more strongly than Rhiannon and Fred’s. 

Why is Left Bank a good untraditional wedding venue – THE LIGHT!

The light was hitting perfectly from every angle as they walked back down the aisle, with hands clasped high in the air – YES, they did it! Having been to many an alternative wedding in my time I have to say, the venues that catch that lighting really make the whole place pop!

Heading outside, Rhiannon and Fred smiled (or should I say – BEAMED) through an explosion of confetti thrown by their waiting family and friends, with even the confetti being colourful as sh*t.

Drinks were served outside in the sun, and F*CK was it a scorcher! As some absolutely BANGING Yorkshire pudding and beef canapes were coming out, courtesy of The Yorkshire Deli, people rushed to get a bite, more drinks and, mostly, to stay out of the sun. 

City Centre Wedding Portraits – can we do it? YES WE CAN!

What with this being a city centre venue we weren’t too far from some cool spots to hit up for portraits. We set off and of course, I couldn’t go too far before finding a black wall (trademark Mark Horton) where we got some epic little moments with their confetti and wedding details. 

Back at the venue, Left Bank itself is impressive but it really comes into its own for couples’ portraits, what with all that gritty exposed brick and high vaulting church décor. With an impressive collection of backdrops to choose from Rhiannon and Fred were able to utilise them all along with their custom banner by Alice Gabb (a great way to inject some personality into your day – they are just SO COOL).

What’s a good wedding without some good wedding food?

The wedding breakfast of pie and mash, another sMASHing offering by The Yorkshire Deli (get it?!) took place under glorious festoon lighting and some colourful lanterns, which gave a cosy ‘outside but inside’ vibe to the whole meal. Once everyone had stopped marvelling over the DIY place names (or winning their fortunes on the scratch card favours!) the speeches began. 

The FOB, Rhiannon and Fred all gave very meaningful, touching speeches, reminiscing on their time together as a family and how their love has grown as a couple. It was very touching to see how Rhiannon and Fred’s love had stretched so far out into their friends and family. Following this, some of Fred’s groomsmen came into the mix and regaled us with stories from Fred’s youth, proving to us all that he really is the skateboarding nerd that we all thought he was!

After a brief break where we all nurtured our food babies after the excellent grub, Rhiannon, Fred and I grabbed the sunglasses and headed out for some rad sunset portraits. This time we headed a little further out and found some tasty light mixed with some aesthetic urban housing as a backdrop. Rhiannon and Fred were loving it – honestly, these guys were just so much fun to be around and obviously so completely into each other!


When we came back the evening sun glowing on Left Bank Leeds and everyone was outside – with good times in full swing, playing some giant Jenga (which had some pretty impressive towers being built!).

The party started strong with everyone surrounding Rhiannon and Fred for their epic first dance, which led into one of the best Disco playlists I’ve heard in a long while. It was a guarantee that the dance floor was disco-ing ALL NIGHT LONG!

The most epic wedding day in Leeds with the most epic people. Thank you so much Rhiannon and Fred for all your love and hospitality.

So if you’re planning something as cool as Rhiannon and Fred’s alternative Leeds wedding then hit me up by CLICKING RIGHT HERE and filling out my contact form so we can get to know each other a little better… If you’ve loved reading along to this and wanted to see some more wedding highlights then CLICK HERE!


“Just truly the best most emotional day. Thanks for coming along for the ride and making us both look so FIT. ✨????

We’ve been crying again. So has everyone else we sent them too. Just magic ????”


Venue – @leftbankleeds
Dress – @asos
Shoes- @esskashoes
Florist – @hydeparkflowerclub.by.dotties
Hair + MUA – @khmakeupartistry
Celebrant – @modernritualsorg
Catering – @the_yorkshiredeli
Banner – @alicegabb
Guest Book – @audioguestbook