The Bristol Elopement That Broke All The Rules


Introducing the Boho Elopement That Broke All The Rules. This is a crazy time to be planning a wedding. But crazy in a good way. Because the wedding industry is going through a rebirth. There’s revolution in the air. And micro weddings and elopements are paving the way for a new kind of wedding day. Because for decades we were stuck in a wedding rut. Big white dresses. Five-tiered cakes and three-piece suits. Getting ready for your wedding day hidden away from each other like it’s the 1800s. And a change was bound to come eventually. But Covid cancelling all big weddings just flipped a switch on the whole damn thing.

So Sarah and Dan basically decided that wedding traditions can go fuck themselves. They wanted to get ready for their wedding together as a couple. Wear what they wanted, have a chilled-out, zero-pressure day. And get some killer photos to tell the tale.But that’s not to say these guys just phoned it in and rocked up in their PJs. They may have had their day exactly how they wanted it, but they looked fucking cool. Effortlessly stylish every step of the way. 

Are you tempted to ditch traditions and have an elopement style wedding? Well cancel the caterer because this one’s gonna tip the scales.

The elopement trend of getting ready together.

I met Sarah and Dan for the first time at their immaculately-styled mid terrace house in Bristol. And as soon as they opened the door, they were super friendly and talkative right off the bat, it was like I’d known them for years. They made me feel so welcome. And getting ready together is definitely the way forward. This is a really common thing for foreign elopements and I’m so glad it’s catching on for UK weddings too. Because getting ready separately just adds to the nerves and the pressure of the whole thing, you know? But getting ready together sets such a different tone for the day. We listened to records, drank coffee, and they shared the experience as a couple.

And from a wedding photography point of view, it’s awesome. No rushing between bride prep and groom prep, no frantic bridesmaids, no constant clock-watching. Just two people enjoying their wedding morning together before their friends and family turn up. And I get to be there to tell the tale.

And wow, what a house! I mean, their house literally has its own Instagram account! Their decor and the natural light made it so easy to shoot cool photos. What a great start to the day.

Modern boho-chic wedding styling.

Just look at these guys!
They were stylish as hell! Real boho vibes all the way, which fit in so perfectly with the feel of the day. 

I was totally feeling Dan’s black paisley shirt and cowboy tie. Such a suave and laid-back alternative to the usual three-piece suit. And definitely the kinda thing someone should wear when they’ve got a halfjack of bourbon and a case of cigars in their pocket! And Sarah looked out-of-this-world cool! At a glance, very minimal and understated. But expertly considered, and insanely fashionable. Jumpsuits have become a super-trendy alternative for brides who don’t want the traditional big white gown. And Sarah’s plunging V-neck jumpsuit from ASOS bridal with a flowing cape looked awesome. I mean, this girl has style. Her shoes from Loeffler Randall have been the ‘it’ shoes in the wedding world this year. And her hat from Lack Of Color is a total vibe. Another brand that’s just exploded onto the fashion wedding scene in 2021 and 2022. Sarah ditched all expectations of traditional bridal style and took things to a whole new level.
Beautiful, boho, elegant. And really bloody cool.

Elopement style pre-wedding photos in Manor Farm.

From the house, we all jumped in their Mini and headed over to Manor Farm for a couple’s session. And this is another great thing about sacking off tradition and having an elopement style day. Pre-wedding photos. 

Pre-wedding photos are just awesome. Because it’s not like couple’s portraits in the middle of the wedding day. Having loads of guests waiting around for you to come back puts pressure on us to rush through it. But with pre-wedding photos, the pressure’s off. And you can take your time to enjoy the experience. Look how fresh and relaxed they look! And this extra time gives me a chance to be more creative, too. Play with things like double exposure, and get you some seriously cool shots. I’m a sucker for textures in photography and I loved this session at the farm. The hay inside the barn, the corrugated metal and the stone wall outside. So many cool backdrops and all the time in the world to play around with them!

The Upton Cheyney Church.

These guys, man! Even their church was cool!
The Upton Cheyney Church has a haunting, decaying beauty about it. Its faded mint green walls with peeling paint and spiderweb cracks, the broken ceiling panels. It had the feel of a proper old Vegas chapel and I was feeling it! And I have to say, all those windows flooded the place with light and made it perfect for photography!
Sarah and Dan chose to have a really small ceremony with just their closest friends and family. Just to keep the pressure off, and keep it as relaxed and intimate as possible. And it was such a lovely service. Having spent the whole morning in each other’s company, and enjoying a day that was for them and no one else, the ceremony didn’t feel like a spectacle, or a legal necessity. It felt like the celebration of a partnership.

After the ceremony we all walked down to the Upton Inn for an intimate drinks reception and dinner. The day ended as relaxed and personal as it had begun. With Sarah, Dan and their guests chatting and laughing together in the setting summer sun. 

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Hat – @lackofcoloraus
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