A couple get married at The Asylum Chapel in Peckham, London. The venue is untradtional and has some awesome features like the exposed brick, huge windows letting in all the natural light and the fact it is a black canvas venue so yo can really put your own style into it.

Jessica + Ryan’s moonlit London Wedding at The Asylum Chapel.

The perfect London Wedding at The Asylum Chapel

When Jess and Ryan ended up getting tattoos on their engagement shoot, I knew their day was gonna be awesome. When they told me they were having their London Wedding at The Asylum Chapel, I well and truly lost my shit. 

I mean, what’s not to love? A cool, fun, stylish couple, getting married in the most beautifully unique wedding venue in London…it was the wedding photography motherload. I was absolutely buzzing. 

And honestly, it was even better than I’d imagined. They kept all the traditions they wanted and dropped the ones they didn’t. Took time with each other, their friends, their families. They styled the day out to the absolute max. And (if I do say so myself) they got some fucking cool shots along the way. There’s even a cat in a bowtie.

If you’re dreaming of an alternative wedding in London, come check it out. This day will blow you away…

A stylish cat in a stylish flat. 

I started the day with Jess and the girls. We hung out in J&R’s seriously cool flat, had a few drinks, listened to music. And just soaked in the morning with Bowie the cat for company. Jess wore a vintage-inspired dress, with a V neck and flowing lace sleeves. She looked naturally beautiful with soft waves in her hair, elegant makeup and a tiara of silver stars. Adding an awesome pop of colour to her bridal look, she had an unstructured bouquet of amber, mauve and scarlet blooms. Meanwhile, at a little Airbnb just around the corner, Ryan was getting ready with his mum and the boys. Champagne was being toasted before the jackets and shirts were off their hangers. Ryan’s mum smiled to herself as she did his bowtie; dad stepped in and fixed the buttonhole. I love wedding mornings for moments like this. The unremarkable, remarkable moments that’ll stick with you forever. And when Ryan was finally ready, he headed out onto rain-soaked streets of London. And jumped on the next bus home to see his girl.

Should we have a first look? Hell yeah. Do it and thank me later.

The morning sun had begun to make its way through the scattering clouds. Ryan was waiting patiently on the driveway, and the hum of traffic mixed with a choir of birds and car horns. After a little while he heard footsteps on the path behind. He felt a tap on his shoulder, and turned around to see Jess. They hugged, they kissed, and chatted about their morning together. They laughed and joked, they hugged and kissed again. I’m not usually into wedding trends. Most of them are just for the spectacle, the show. They take over social media for a week and then spatter out just as quickly. But first looks are different. That moment you first see each other on your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime moment you’ll never forget. And having a first look means you get to share that moment together, just the two of you. Is it traditionally bad luck? Yeah, I suppose so. But fuck tradition, you’ll never get to share that moment again. And I guarantee it’ll be one of your favourite parts of the day.

Wedding photography in St Andrews Wharf.

We still had a little while until the ceremony. So we said our goodbyes to Bowie and the bridesmaids (cool band name), and hopped in a taxi to St Andrews Wharf. J&R got a cheeky half each from The Angel, and sat on a bench together overlooking the sleepy Thames.

Then we went exploring. 

We ran through the brickwork alleys and archways, danced along cracked pavements and past vibrantly graffitied walls. Jess in her retro dress, Ryan in his coffee velvet jacket. For an hour or so, it felt like we had the whole day, and the whole city to ourselves. 

And when we headed off to The Asylum Chapel for the ceremony, it felt like everyone else was joining us for a day we were already halfway through.

Wedding in The Asylum Chapel.

The Asylum Chapel is, without a doubt, the most incredible wedding venue in London. 

Walls of crumbling brickwork, cracked plaster and faded paint. High vaulted ceilings once collapsed by a German bomb; light streaming through stained glass windows that miraculously survived. Of all the wedding venues in London, the 200 year old Asylum Chapel is in a league of its own. It is hauntingly beautiful. 

The styling was understated, and highlighted the aesthetic of the venue in an effortlessly cool way. Festoon lights hung from the disintegrating walls, wine bottles of pampas grass lined the aisle. And candles flickered in the nook behind the altar, the light bouncing off the clusters of golden disco balls on each side. 

The ceremony was led by their close friend. It was super relaxed, really funny in parts, and just completely intimate and personal. There was a handfasting, rings, personal vows, and a first kiss, with tons of laughs and tears in the middle. 

And when it was all over, they danced out into the bright light of day as husband and wife, quickly downed a cocktail. And then got showered in confetti and cheers!

Asylum Chapel Wedding photography.

If you’re having your wedding in Asylum Chapel, you really wanna make the most of the amazing location while you’ve got it. And that’s exactly what Jess and Ryan did.

They’d hired Gimlets to serve cocktails out the front of the chapel. And let me tell you, as wedding drinks receptions go, a cocktail bar in The Asylum Chapel is a pretty cool experience. Drinks were flowing, everyone was hanging out on the steps outside, or exploring the shadowy corners of the chapel. It was great fun, super chilled, and the cocktails were bangin’. 

After a while, a Routemaster bus turned up to take us to the reception. So as the guests were clambering on, I snuck J&R off to get a few more portraits inside the chapel (HOW COULD WE NOT?!)

And honestly, as a wedding photographer, The Asylum Chapel is my dream space. The textures, the angles, the atmosphere, the contrast of shadow and light. I could spend a whole day there and never run out of things to shoot. 

Alas, the bus was waiting…

Dinner and dancing at the Camberwell Arms.

Photos of lost loved ones sat pride of place in golden frames. Animals sat on every place setting, and a neon moon glowed into the gathering darkness as they danced their first dance.It was simple, and intimate, and the perfect way to end such an incredible day. If you’re looking for someone to photograph your wedding in The Asylum Chapel and think I’m the right guy to tell your story, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today and let’s chat and get to know each other.


Venue – @maverickprojects / The Asylum Chapel

Dress – @dig_for_victory
Ryan’s Outfit – @c / @hockerty.men / @savilerowco
Florist – @crystal_palace_flowers
Food – @thecamberwellarms

Co-Ordinator – @studiodine
Gimlet Bar – @gimletbar

Couple – @attackthetrack + @drrazzag