Molly + Ieuan’s Pop-Punk Wedding at the Industrial Shack Revolution.


Introducing a Pop-Punk Wedding at the Shack Revolution.! A punk rock wedding is a rare and beautiful thing. Because for those of us old enough to remember the golden years of Blink, Offspring and Green Day, of clumsy chords, rolling snares and massive jean chains, punk rock isn’t just a style. It’s a part of who we are. And a genre packed with iconic songs that bring back memories of the spotty, rebellious, drunkenly moshing teenagers we used to be. But for all its reminiscent romance, punk isn’t known for its beauty. And that’s why punk rock weddings are so rare. Because so many couples put aside their love of the genre in exchange for something more – for want of a better word – pretty

But Molly and Ieuan’s punk rock wedding in The Shack Revolution in Hereford showed you can have a drop dead gorgeous wedding, whilst still celebrating all things rock & roll. By blending beautiful details with effortlessly cool nods to the genre, they bridged the gap between beautifully elegant, and totally punk rock.

The Shack Revolution is THE alternative Hereford wedding venue.

The Shack Revolution is the perfect venue for a Pop-Punk Wedding. As a DIY wedding venue, you basically have a blank canvas. And complete creative freedom to make the space your own. And if you’re planning an alternative wedding, a DIY venue like The Shack Revolution is ideal. Because you get to make the whole day completely yours.
The Hereford wedding venue is right in the city centre, so it’s already buzzing with the energy of the city. And with its black metal beams and corrugated iron, exposed brickwork, concrete floors and cobbled courtyard, any wedding here is immediately cool. 
And the atmosphere is awesome. I mean, you’ve got a table tennis table. And I can’t remember any wedding I’ve done where that hasn’t turned into beer pong! There’s a cocktail bar, a mad party space, and loads of room in the courtyard for everyone to hang out and drink after the ceremony. 

And just look at the size of their f*cking beer glasses!!


Ieuan and his groomsmen looked awesome, with matching black and white Vans, checked blazers and collar bars. They trod the fine line between ‘ready for the occasion’ and ‘ready to party’! And I’m not gonna lie, when you turn up to see the groom getting ready and he’s drinking whisky, smoking cigars and wearing Vans, you know it’s gonna be a great day!
But the wedding had the perfect blend of punk and pretty. Molly wore a stunning dress with a beautiful bouquet of delicate white blooms and eucalyptus. And the bridesmaids’ forest green dresses tied in with the rest of the details and the accents in the groomsmen’s jackets.
But after the ceremony, it was as though the two worlds collided. Molly changed out of her blush pink heels and into her Nike Air Max for maximum chill, ready to party the night away!


After the ceremony at this Pop-Punk Wedding at the Shack Revolution, Molly’s bridesmaids all did a speech, nicely framed in the doorway of The Shack. Everyone gathered in the courtyard, laughing their arse off at the speech, playing table tennis and drinking The Shack Revolution’s signature craft cocktails and giant beers. And the food was bloody amazing, provided by Hereford’s famous The Beefy Boys, a really cool burger shop in the city. This is another great thing about DIY venues, because you choose your own caterers. So you can eat whatever food you want! Want burgers? F*ck it, why not? It’s your wedding!
The rest of the speeches were on point, including one from Molly’s dad, wearing possibly the coolest FOTB outfit ever. I mean, can we just take a second to appreciate that jacket?!

Couple’s portrait photos in The Shack Revolution.

Whilst cocktail hour was on, my second shooter Steph shot some candids. And I took Molly and Ieuan off for some cool couples portraits against The Shack Revolution’s geometric wall. After that I wanted us to do a champagne spray shot. So I brought some non-alcoholic champagne and we did that against the black corrugated metal of The Shack. Leuan decided to pour it all down himself after doing the spray. What a lad.

Later on in the day, we disappeared into the car park for another portrait’s session. And d’you see what I mean about the place having so many cool photo spots?! Even the frickin’ car park is cool! 

As night fell, the cobbled courtyard was lit by festoon lights strung up overhead. With the party still raging inside, the dulled punk rock beats filled the courtyard and Molly and Ieuan had themselves a moment.

Are you on the hunt for an alternative wedding photographer?

Punk rock isn’t just a style, it’s a vibe. And as an alternative wedding photographer, these guys were just frickin’ amazing to work with. Fun, wild, crazy in love, and totally punk rock.

That’s why I wanna capture your day as it happened. The energy, the crazy moments, every amazing, romantic second of it. Because it’ll be one of the best days of your lives, and I want to give you a wedding gallery that lets you relive it over and over again. 

So I’m not going to push you into boring, cheesy poses. But hell, we’re definitely gonna get some killer shots. Because on the one day of your lives when you get to dress and party like rock stars, you’re gonna want some shots worthy of an album cover.

So how did you like this Pop-Punk Wedding at the Shack Revolution?
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Suppliers –

Makeup: @ruthstarkiemua & @makeupbyamym 
Food: @thebeefyboys
Suits: @twistedtailor 
Cake: @mrsmosdelicio 
Venue: @shackrevolution 
Videographer: @ruffemedia 
Invites/Welcome Sign: @pearpaperco