A Secret Same-Sex London Elopement

The best city for an alternative elopement?

Don’t you just love a London elopement?!

As home to the ‘spot the normal person’ game, London is one of the most eclectic, diverse, mental cities on the planet. So you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want and no one will bat an eyelid. And this made it the perfect place for Brittany and Terrian’s beautiful, romantic, all-kinds-of-crazy secret London elopement.

Because it was a whole day just for them. With not a single guest to hold them back, they spent the whole day living their best life. Just enjoying each other’s company in the summer sun, eating what they liked, going where they wanted, exploring some of the coolest spots in London, and celebrating their future together in their own unique way. 

With Brittany pregnant with their child, smoke grenades down an alley and a pitstop at Starbucks, this same-sex London elopement was as 2021 as you could get. And you know what? I absolutely bloody loved it!

Sssshhh! It’s a secret London elopement!

And when I say ‘secret’, I really do mean secret! As an alternative wedding photographer, I’ve gone to some awesomely weird and wonderful weddings. But I’ve never been to one before where none of their friends or family knew it was even happening! 

It was only Brittany, Terrian, myself and Jade from Hushabye Films. And when your photographer and videographer are your witnesses, that’s just about as secret as you can get! It took the ‘let’s just run off together and elope’ thing to a whole new level!

And I tell you what, having their wedding as their little shared secret made it so crazy romantic. They were telling me all about the secret planning, the anticipation, the hushed excitement they couldn’t tell anyone about. It made the whole day theirs. And when they were pronounced ‘wife and wife’, the way they looked at each other was just magic. 

London elopement photography hotspots

One of the many great things about having a London elopement is that every alley, every street, every little corner of the city is filled with awesome backdrops for photos. So we can just explore the city together and get you some awesome wedding photos. 

And for Brittany and Terrian, that adventure started the second we left Marylebone Old Town Hall

There’s been plenty of Marylebone Old Town Hall wedding photography. But you know we started trends and set some records! We created a confetti BLIZZARD and the guard said it was the most confetti he’d ever seen! Then we saw our little lion mate around the corner and the girls jumped on for a ride. This has actually become a bit of a trend now, and I like to think we were the first!

Two brides tip their heart shaped glasses towards the camera.

Hers + Hers alternative wedding styling inspiration

Can I just say? The girls looked frickin’ awesome.

They wore exactly the same outfit as each other, one in black, and one in white. Like opposite sides of the same rock & roll coin. Matching dresses from Chi Chi Clothing, matching veils from @sewfabredditch with epic massive bows. And even black and white ribbons for their matching bouquets.

The only thing their outfits had in common was their matching Doc Martens (black and white, of course).

I mean, let’s just take a second to appreciate how bloody cool they looked!

A London elopement photography safari

After the ceremony (and a much-needed Starbucks pitstop), we jumped on the tube at Baker Street. Having secured the obligatory stylish Underground shots, we went to Piccadilly Circus to visit the iconic big screens. 

Then we took an Uber to Shoreditch, which has got to be the best place in London for alternative wedding photography. Because not only does it give you that gritty, urban feel to your photos, it’s London’s uncontested home of street art. If you love street art and graffiti, stop what you’re doing and head to Shoreditch. (Actually, finish reading this, book me as your photographer, and then head to Shoreditch!)

The Ben Eine & Dotmasters Collaboration Wall where we started is phenomenal, and such an epic backdrop for alternative wedding portraits. And from there we headed over to LUAP’s first street art Pink Bear, just outside Shoreditch Studios.

Then we ducked into one of Shoreditch’s many deserted alleyways and let off some smoke bombs! Because who doesn’t love a smoke bomb?!

two brides lay on the counter at FIVE GUYS
two brides drink milkshakes in five guys
A same sex couple share fries at an American Diner on their wedding sat in London.
A bride kisses her reflection in the mirror at an American Diner.

Las Vegas elopement photography (well, kinda)

Now take a look at this Five Guys in Piccadilly Circus and tell me this doesn’t look like Vegas! 

The retro American diner vibe was the perfect backdrop for the Brittany and Terrian’s rock & roll elopement look. And they owned it! 

Kissing the mirrors, lying on the tables, dancing on the countertops. They absolutely took over that Five Guys! You can get away with murder in a wedding dress, eh?!

Two brides outside Piccadilly Circus in London.

Your alternative elopement photographer

What I loved most about Brittany and Terrian’s London elopement was that their whole day was an experience. Their experience. They spent the whole day singing to each other, kissing, holding hands, laughing. And it was so amazing to be part of it.

My photography is all about just capturing your connection with each other. So I won’t interrupt moments and make you pose, or force you to do something again just so I can take a picture of it. I’ll capture the energy of the day, catch little moments as they happen, join you on the adventure. And give you alternative wedding photography that captures your love for each other in every beautiful, weird and perfectly imperfect detail. 

If you love my style and want me there on your day, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to see if I’m free and let’s do this!